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Dear Abe,         The first year of the war is over and i'm not happy with the results. The dixie is winning this war!!!! I've done everything I can, I have run drills throughout the night, deployed the troops in different ways, nothing works... with these alliterate troops!!! I are running this army like crap!!! We're never going to win even with a great general like me. Beware because once this is over i'm going to take that white house from you too.
Dear Family,           I just wanted to check up on all of you. I wanted to make sure everyone was okay back home. I was made the general of the Union army and righteously so, the Rebel states have no change, I should be back home soon, we will soon invade their capitol and the war will be over. I will then go down in history. Although I am a genius I am surrounded by uneducated front line bodies that Lincoln put me in charge of, what an ignorant president! When I win this war.  He wants to stop the expansion of slavery, but slavery is 100% conditional and does not need to be removed I am simply am fighting this war to keep the country together, which Abe wasn't able to do.  I just wanted to let you know what was going on with me and make sure everything was going okay with you as well, I will be back soon!